Our Staff

Ches Bishop, Emergency Medical Responder Aaron Bishop, Primary Care Paramedic Stephen McIntyre, Primary Care Paramedic Ryan Branton, Primary Care Paramedic Stanley Reid, Emergency Medical Responder Chelsea Crawford, Emergency Medical Responder Tehia Button, Emergency Medical Responder Chris Reid, Primary Care Paramedic Our Primary Care Paramedics and Emergency Medical Responders are experienced professionals in the Emergency Medical System in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Our primary focus and obligation is the care of the patients we serve every day. All of our Ambulance staff understands the commitment they are making from their first day. We all take great pride in knowing the responsibility that comes with caring for the people we serve every day. Understanding they are the back bone of our organization is the first step to providing professional patient care. We believe that well done is better than well said.

At Heart's Delight-Islington Ambulance we take great pride in our Paramedical staff. Every staff member are required to participate in educational and training requirements, ensuring we are always aware of the latest advances in our field with emphasis on patient care and safety.